What should I do with 2 sticks of ram that don't work anymore?

jmkash8 years ago
Donate them to a local school, Anti-Aging Center, Youth Center, etc... Even the older style ram is usually appreciated.
There's an easy way to turn it into a keychain. Should come up in the "related" section next to this. You can use it in lots of decorative ways, but avoid it as jewelry that may come in contact with your body... as these things usually contain toxic chemicals. Just shooting ideas, could they be used to help dress up a picture frame? How about using them as feet or arms or legs for a larger creation? If not, please deliver these to a responsible recycler of electronics.
. Yep. Nothing there that most DIYers could salvage (or could use if they did). Use it for Art or recycle.
a cool bracelet can be fashioned by chopping with a bandsaw between each memory chip. Then drill 4 holes, one in each corner of the smaller peices. The peices can be wired into a 'chain' to make a cool bracelet. Use a small file to round the edges, they can be sharp. Guardianfox has it right - Make sure its a no-lead (ROHS compliant) or seal it with some clear laquer. Lead and mercury suck.