What should I do with Snapple caps?

I have 58 Snapple bottles caps in my room and I have no ideas other than a display. Any ideas for using them practically would be appreciated.

SiderAnne7 years ago
It's not the best answer, but what popped into my head was tabletop, then coasters, then trivet.
Tabletop like https://www.instructables.com/id/Compass-Table
maybe with a prefab endtable, and painting the caps in colors you like?
I picture the coasters/trivet being linked with rings or pins, kind of like chainmaille, and attached to a piece of cork or felt to protect the table surface.
Now I'm thinking of other mosaic-like ways to use the caps...
good luck!
Mr. Holmes (author)  SiderAnne7 years ago
Thank you. I am now thinking about miniature compasses made from the caps. I also thought about roofing for small bird houses.