What should I do with surplus Vacuum Motors?

I buy and sell vacuums and parts.
I end up with an endless supply of vacuum motors and abs plastic frames.
These are mostly all Shark Navigator UV440 or Shark Rotator UV560 Vacuums (Grey, White, Clear, and Burgundy ABS plastic)
I recently got a 3-d printer, and I re-purposed a heavy duty paper shredder into a nice plastic shredder based on this:

I am now building a filament extruder to recycle the vacuum frames into filament. Can I/how would I use a vacuum motor to make the extruder?

Any other ideas for vacuum motors? I literally have an endless supply, and it would be great if I could do something with them other than make my weekly trip to the recycling center.

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slappo (author) 10 months ago

I would really like to use at least one to build a filament extruder. Any tutorials on how to achieve this?

As for the other 50 motors, I was hoping someone would offer something like, " oh ya, tether 40 together and you can build a warp engine." or "it might be a waste of time, but you can build your own wind farm, and here's how to turn a vacuum motor into a wind turbine."

I'm new here, so links to similar sucessful projects with commentary would also be awesome.

Thank you!

iceng slappo10 months ago

Extruder motors are low speed medium torque, while vacuum motors are high speed high torque and not the ideal machine unless you rewind them....

iceng10 months ago

They do, and two are used to in professional dog hair driers with a high / low switch.

Another benefit is these motors blow heat developed in running and that also helps dry dog fur....

My wife bought one like this but with four wheels and a filter.. The long hose helps to keep the noise a distance away from dog and groomer... And beats a human hair dryer like a car to a bicycle.

Kiteman10 months ago

Don't vacuum motors also blow?

...toilet paper cannon


...bernoulli ball-levitation device

...wind tunnel

Vyger10 months ago

Sell them on ebay. In fact open an ebay store to sell all your surplus stuff.

iceng10 months ago

I hope you avail yourself to the Related column on the right =======>>>>

Well that is a dry vac motor so anything from vacuum molding to dry vacuum sealing.

rickharris10 months ago

Mmmm dust cyclones are always needed in a work shop - lots of projects here and on youtube.