What should I do with these leftover firework fountains?

I have these really small firework fountains left over from July 4th and I dont really know what to do with them.  I kinda want to make something with them so could you guys please recommend some projects that i could use these for.

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take them apart collect the gunpowder and other stuff and connect them all for a wonder ful newyears bang
Why not just use them as you ordinarily would, just not on the 4th of July? When I was a kid we would stock up on wireworks when they were on sale around the fourth, so that we had fireworks to use all summer long. Fireworks are cool any time of year! New years day would be another good fireworks occassion. Or maybe Halloween. A pumpkin with sparks and flame shooting out would be pretty cool.

It doesn't look like you have that many left over, and they are fairly small, so you should be able to set them off without attracting too much attention with a small off season display...
iceng6 years ago
flush cherry bom-s down 5 toilets at the same time, it should crack s main :-)
Vyger6 years ago
When I was a kid we found that stuff like that worked really good for destroying plastic models and little rubber army men. It was especially fun to tape one to the hand of the grenade throwing guy. "Help, help, I can't let go, ohhhh my arm is melting!!!