What should I get / make / do for my girlfriend this year for our anniversary?

People of the internet, don't let me down.

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I've thought of many things to get/make/or do for my girlfriend and i have come to realize they love the little things you fo for them. not trying to make them sound like robots but they really don't make a big deal if it was expensive or not.

For our 6th anniversary i made My girl a necklace with my favorite guitar pick i always use and she knew i charished that pick. then I took our favorite picture of us from my cell phone went to wal mart sent it bluetooth to the machine and printed an official copy one for her and one for me ten i wrote  her a love letter on the back. our anniversary before that i bought her, her favorite book and wrote her a letter. i'm planning something big this time tho.

going out to dinner girls love preferably not McDonalds or taco bell ick greasey fattness not attractive. A movie perhaps seen that it was suggested a bit, and last but not least going to the beach just don't throw her in getting wet is only fun when it's not in the public lol. don't get chocolate it's bad for the skin. girls love different flavours and smells.

Best of all just let her know you love her and she is the only amazing/special person in your life and always will be. Girls LOVE romance..........
Well for my girlfriend of eight years,when I decided I fell in love with her completely I got her a little kitten(check with parents if a minor) and got put a collar on it that I had a jewelry person engrave to say "I will live you forever" and invited her over. She got so happy and wouldn't quit kissing me for like three hours.
thanks for the advise it worked by the way im also tyler.
a KNEX set! of course!!
Screamo7 years ago
HAHA seamster Build her a cake or something :D napoleon dynamite
seamster9 years ago
Build her a cake or something.
randofo (author)  seamster9 years ago
What should I build her a cake out of?
I was quoting a movie there. But seriously, why not build/make her a large cake made of concrete? Decorate it all fancy-like, with a thick layer of tasty frosting. Get plates and silverware ready to go, hand her the sharp knife, and let her do the honors. Hmm, I'm feeling useful here. Tell me a little about her personality--her likes/dislikes--and I'll see if I can't come up with some more ideas.
randofo (author)  seamster9 years ago
She likes trashy B-movies, coffee, stylish clothing, large dance numbers, fancy Asian food, flowers, handmade cards and the usual girly junk. She dislikes investment bankers and balloons. Albeit, I think she would be supportive of investment bankers dancing in unison with balloons.
 What, no long walks on the beach?
noahw randofo9 years ago
If she's really into coffee, I really cant say enough positive things about Blue Bottle Coffee. It's absolutely the best coffee and espresso I've had around these parts.

I'd better get best answer for this one.
rachel noahw9 years ago
You can't get best answer, you didn't answer directly. Nyah.
noahw randofo9 years ago
A home gym built out of cake.
randofo (author)  noahw9 years ago
She would eat it and then neither get in shape nor have anything to show for it.
build it out of fruit cake then
You are what you eat..
Kiteman9 years ago
You know those glued-pasta pictures kids make in nursery school? Make one of those, two stick-people in a heart, and sign it with your left hand in crayon. Stick it to the fridge before she comes down for breakfast (or get her house-mates to to stick it on their fridge if you don't co-habit).
:D That's actually quite cute!

Wait, how did you post a week into the future?
XD nevermind, 2010...
Hm. Seeing as how this was posted 11 months ago, it's likely relevant again, no? :D
randofo (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Everyone can answer again this year. And your answers better be twice as good! You all let me down last year!
Jawa8888 years ago
 I thought you had to be married to have an anniversary any way why not by her a dog or cat or something cute then ''accidentally'' kill it and enjoy having her cry on your shoulder
scoochmaroo9 years ago
Coal. Tell her it's a DIY diamond kit and to start squeezin'.
randofo (author)  scoochmaroo9 years ago
She won't like that. You can't fool me.
Aww, hell. I've been squeezing this lump of coal for a year and a half now!
Rofl im doing this
hmmmmmm......... maybe you should give her a question asking "What should I get / make / do for my girlfriend this year for our anniversary?". It's brilliant
I don't see your girlfriend.
dab20001008 years ago
depends on what kind of girl she is,is it one year anniversary or more,if more then is you love her make her youres and marry her,not up for it the give her a nice necklace or earings and say(baby nothing means more to me than to have been with you for so long)
gmjhowe9 years ago
I suggest building a time machine...

Thats what i did to propose to my girlfriend (the machine contained a custom ring box)
See Box Here

Really, you know her the best, so, as long as you make something that reminds her of you, but also appeals to something she enjoys, your onto a win.

randofo (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
Congratulations on the engagement. I think I will stick with something simpler than a time machine.
gmjhowe randofo9 years ago
haha! Does she like hello kitty? or something else along the lines of easily available mass produced cuteness?
randofo (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
At one point I thought about getting her a Hello Kitty bass guitar, but it turns out they only make the bass guitars with one of the secondary characters. You need to get a fender strat to get a Hello Kitty pick guard. Even in the world of Hello Kitty, the bassist gets no respect. I wonder if I can buy one of those Hello KItty pick guards and attach it to a bass. Now, that is an Instructable...
yeah, you can, cause the hello kitty ones really suck
gmjhowe randofo9 years ago
Buy one of those pick guards!!! when you have full access to a lazer cutter? get too and make one! it will mean more, cost half as much, and make a much better ible. Please find the attached .eps file of hello kitty's face. I suggest cutting out the outline from a black plastic, then cut out the inside white bits, the finally the bow and nose. Then they will easily slot together.
Hello_Kitty.eps(176x128) 613 KB
randofo (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
Hrm.... I suppose I can laser cut that. I should go investigate the one in the store more closely. Not sure I will get that done in time though.
gmjhowe randofo9 years ago
Well, in which case, maybe its worth using another idea, then saving this idea for the next special event?
Bluetooth Retro Phone.
RaNDoMLeiGH8 years ago
Try this!
Hardware Store Bracelet
Simple, inexpensive, and since you made it, a way to show her just how much you care.
lutziepv089 years ago
I got it.. do what i did before, buy or find a ton of flower petals. try rose, because they actually have a whole number of colors. then find someplace where there is a ceiling fan (your house or something) and stack them behind the blades.. later somehow make her sit under the fan. then tell her that you remembered.. and turn it on.. worked for me.
Ask her to marry you.
randofo (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Are you sure?
If you're serious about it, then yes.
gmjhowe randofo9 years ago
Depends how long you have been together... Or more importantly, how long you want to be together.
spacegirl949 years ago
Does she like jewlery? if she does, i have an idea. go to your lacal craft store and but some stuff to make her a necklace or bracelet. she will love it, especially if you made it yourself.
what does she like?
jeff-o9 years ago
Something from the Christmas Gift contest, only Valentines-ed. Ohh! I know! A Valentine's Day Cannon! Pow!
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
well.... take her out to dinner duh
get her something nice double duh like a book that she has been eying, or maybe a CD?

spend the day with her, doing what she likes to do

give her tokens (pieces of paper that are used like coupons or checks that can only be used once)
write that you will take her to a restaurant of her preference, whenever
breakfast in bed
and etc..