What should I power my rc car based robot on? it uses 6 1.5v batteries.

i have an erector rc car and i am using all of the interior components. The system runs on 6 1.5 volt batteries, and i want to reduce the amount of space that takes up. is there any other sort of battery(s) equel to 6 1.5volts?

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SaurIMX5 years ago
a 9v cell will work, but check its current, because if it is in few mili amps, it will drain out very quickly...
remo2 (author)  SaurIMX5 years ago
Thanks guys, I think i'll go with Alexhrn's anwser though
AlexHrn5 years ago
I'd go with a 2s lipo battery and a cheap charger like this one. It's a little more expensive than buying a pack of 9v batteries but if you use your RC car a lot it will be worth it.
A 9V battery will work but your drive time will be drastically reduced. Any conventional 9V battery pack you get will be about the size of 6x AA batteries. There is always a tradeoff in battery size and how long it will last.
Burf5 years ago
Not my favorite power source, but a simple 9 volt battery will work.