What should a k'nex Halo needler fire?

Image of the needler HERE.
So, what should it fire if it were to be made into a k'nex gun? I was thinking either rods, rubber bands, or special needles made of rods/connectors, but what do YOU think?

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plasmaspy7 years ago
purple rods
Blue rods.
stale567 years ago
I think it should be a semi-auto rbg. There are some semi auto mechs on this website, already.
ryry20116 years ago
blue rods
tytiger337 years ago
carved wood, or carved plastic
DJ Radio7 years ago
Normal knex rods. Or better yet nothing at all because why would anyone want to make a halo needler???
How about a gray rod with a cap peice on the top and fill the rod with spacers.