What should go in a Techie toolbox?

I want to put together a gift for a friend - a cool tool box with things he might need but definitely doesn't have (he pretty much only has a drill). I don't want just hammers and such, he works with robotics and computers, as well as building various devices with motors and moving parts. I'm looking for things that might help him, a "Mythbuster's" tool box if you will.

Does anyone have ideas? What would you like in your collection? What is a basic list that I could start with?

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acidbass8 years ago
soldering iron, solder,plenty of extra wire, needle nose pliers, a set of screw drivers including the tiny ones, a set of hex wrenches also including the tiny ones,maybe some extra robot parts and such and that is all that i can think of right now
i.need.instructions (author) 8 years ago
Thank you everyone!

He has almost nothing, he had a well stocked workshop at the robotics lab at our university, but he has just graduated and moved cities. Literally, I had to go buy a screwdriver to put up things on the wall.

I was hoping not to ask him, doing my best to get information on here, from his friends, and from the lab. How big a tool box would he need to hold these things? We live in an apartment, and he has a place to work somewhere else, but I'd love to have a fairly compact place to store them - though I understand it won't be a tiny tackle-box.
 Re-design's list is excellent, but I wonder if your friend doesn't have all the basics?  Ripstikfan also has excellent  suggestions.  I would add to the list a labeling machine (it makes a tape with printed words that you can stick on whatever you build).   Of course, there is always an oscilloscope--fantastic for electronics--but can cost several hundred dollars.

He probably has a wish-list.  Would it spoil it to ask him? 
Re-design8 years ago
Not necessarily in any order.

Good set of screwdrivers. 
Good set of torx drivers. 
Good set of small and medium sockets metric and non-metric.
Good set of "T" handle allen wrenches metric and non-metric.
Good set of pliers, wirecutters, strippers.
A nice big tool box with lots of drawers and bins.
Good set of open ended and boxed end wrenches metric and non-metric.

Recip. saw (look at Sawsall).
Big set of nice drill bits for metal.
Big set of nice drill bits for wood.

Multi-meter (ask suggestions before you buy).
Soldering iron and accessories.
Pop rivet tool.

Lots more but this should get you started.

add a mini hot glue gun or www.instructables.com/id/Precision-hot-glue-gun/ and put it all into one of these here miricale workors ( i know that they are i have one and love it ) and also add duct /electrical tape a dremel and a jigsaw (i find sawzalls too heavy) and your friend will thank you forever!
that stuff will be good for building robots