What should i do over the weekend?

I am extremely bored over each weekend, i dont have much cash and i was wondering what the most fun per dollar instructable is out there.

PS: Is there any 'ibles out there that have to do with making D&D dice that i could actually use?
PPS: I like to solder so i hope that helps :P

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rickharris7 years ago
Improve your reading skills - How? - By reading a good book. If you like technical books then you can combine 2 things tat once - reading AND planning your next project. the library is in general free if not very cheap.

If you are really stuck try google books and search for Populat mechanics or Popular science in the magazine section - they have full issues going back years. Should keep you busy.

seandogue7 years ago
Go to the library and get a copy of the Wheel of time by Robert Jordan. You said you're into D&D. I think you'll like the series. so far, 13 books @ ~750 pages per book. makes for a 'tad' of reading pleasure. And trust me when I say the series is amazing. Makes Lord of the Rings look almost amateurish. (said by someone who's read the Lord of the Rings and most of its peripheral books well over a dozen times and owns both the consumer and extended release video sets).

It all starts with a small group of teenagers in a tiny, almost forgotten backwater village on the edges of a great kingdom and a shadow passing close, searching for something...
darthpotato1 (author) 7 years ago
Regardless of the weekend being over and all that, i still need suggestions, i am forever bored D:
orksecurity7 years ago
"most fun" is entirely a matter of taste. Look thru 'em and see which one looks most interesting to you.

I've seen plans for "electronic dice" boxes. Not sure offhand whether plans have been posted here on Instructables, but I'm sure a websearch will find them if not. Whether that's "most fun" is a separate question, of course.
ARJOON7 years ago
just go to the junk and bring all electronic stuffs you've got there. or also searching streets for these and then go home. sit down and analyse their designs and watch how components are soldered in many ways. you can then make a hv power supply in a few hours then. After seeing plasmana's flyback driver i made mine in 3 hours. i had all things that were needed from the stuffs that i found in the junk and on the road. if i had to buy the stuffs it would have cost me about $14. I just bought the bread board for 40cents that's all. pretty far from a $ huh!!!

Take care