What should i do to fix this? need help with gf parents

My girlfriends parents wont let us do pretty much anything together, like she cant come over to my house cuz her mom thinks well do something very innapropriate, and we NEVER get ANY alone time. her mom always wants constant supervision because of her moms past experiences. i just feel like her mom tried to shelter her soo much from the outside world, and now i come in and start getting her out of the house and learning valubale things about how people actully act, her mom keeps trying to keep us apart in any little way she can. I really need help?

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Z & cdubnbird are right let them get to know you by having dinner with them. Sure it can be weird at first but remeber to compliment them, dress nice, and be yourself. Don't be nervous you want to come off confident!! GOOD LUCK!!
Phil B8 years ago
Are you sending some messages you do not intend to send? Is something about your dress and appearance telling them you are a flake? Ask some honest and impartial adults how you appear to them. Be ready to make suggested changes, even if it limits your freedom of expression.
Z..8 years ago
You have to try to make your girlfriends parents see that you are OK. Perhaps offer to wash their car/mow the lawn/clean the yard? It may sound silly, but if you care enough about your girlfriend-do it! They are bound to reject you at first, but keep plugging away. It may take some time, but if you are a good guy, and your relationship means something to you, then you will need to chip away at the wall!! If they start to see that you are a genuine guy that cares for their daughter, they might start to soften up a bit. It IS up to you to invest some time in this. Good luck!!
frollard Z..8 years ago
Definitely drag her out to volunteer helping kids, or less fortunate people. That one's golden. Don't ever lie. You screw up and you're toast.
cdubnbird8 years ago
Z.. has it, give them some time and if you are genuinely a good person that they can trust they'll open up to you- be yourself.