What should i do with this kids' telescope?

Out of a free box, it works fine but i'm no longer interested in the traditional use. I was wondering if anyone had turned one into something wicked clever or had some ideas.

jtobako8 years ago
Give it to that kid? Cricket bat? Become a peeping tom-oh, wait, that's the traditional use : ) Teach a kid. Turn it into a steampunk tool, scope or weapon. Set it up on the beach and look at the peeping toms... Kaleidoscope.
ve2vfd8 years ago
You can also attach an old webcam to it (google telescope and webcam) there are a few sites out there dedicated to that and they have awesome photos taken from webcammed-telescopes.
110100101108 years ago
projector ?
Kiteman8 years ago
If you point it at the Sun (do not look at the Sun through the telescope!), and place a white screen behind it, you can focus the telescope to project an image of the Sun and its spots.