What should i lubricate my dryer parts with? Graphite spray? Lithium grease? WD40 (I doubt)? What cleaners are safe?

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Vyger6 years ago
Which parts?? Motor bearings?, pulleys? Belts? drum unit? fans? they all use different lubricants so you need to say which part/area.
Andale_The_Great (author)  Vyger6 years ago
ummm.... all? I didn't specify cuz I just wanted the rundown all the way around
Motors and any bearings similar to them use light machine oil. A 3 in one type is usually ok. Pulleys usually take grease. In a dryer I would use a white silicone grease. Most fans that are made for the type of environment in a dryer have sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated. You won't know until its torn down, but they are usually not salvageable. Keep in mind that anyplace that you put oil will collect dust. (dryer lint) If you get carried away with lubing you could end up with dust stuck on everything and then you have a big fire hazard.
Andale_The_Great (author)  Vyger6 years ago
that collecting dust/lint bit was why I mentioned graphite spray. It is more or less considered a 'dry' lube because it won't collect dirt the way sticky grease will
iceng6 years ago
Why do you believe your dryer needs a lube job.
Andale_The_Great (author)  iceng6 years ago
Well mostly the loud screaming noise. I actually know the problem is the blower fan (maybe its bearing) but I figured since I'm gonna take it apart I might as well spray it down with some cleaner and if i use anything extreme then it will eat up any lubrication on the parts. So... I wanna lube it up since I gotta tear it open anyway.