What should i make out of Knex?

I have been making alot of things from knex lately, but they are all small and BORING.

I need NEW ideas. Please can you give me some ideas, Thanks.

P.s. Please no guns, partly because I am rubbish at making them and i find them boring after a while.

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KnexFreek6 years ago
uhm build a working tank, a huge truck, any arcade game, a trechbucket, a tennis racket, an elevator, a claw machine, an escalator, a blender, a hat, a gun that shoots bbs, a mouse clicker, a huge cable car, an r2d2, a door opener, an awesome rube goldburg, a baskatball hoop and net, a full size desk or chair, a paper shredder..?!!!

Furloy8 years ago
skateboard machine gun with no moter land mine safe lock goldengate bridge or a bridge
a safe/lock has already been made, and a machine gun with no motor has also been made as well, type full auto machine gun in the search box.
do you have a link for a knex safe? I would like one.
KnexFreek7 years ago
 i have alot of them...... LOL 
a knex car!
 I will pm you some
Hiyadudez (author)  KnexFreek7 years ago
Im waiting...
make a minigun

make a yo yo
jnajman6 years ago
The George Washington Bridge
A roller coaster
Ball machine
Ferris wheel
make a drop zone you know the ride that takes you up and drops you ill post a link http://www.videolife.tk/video/INTYYLdB99Q/Knex-Drop-Zone.html just copy and past
BalintRules7 years ago
You could make a musical instrument with rubber bands, a guitar prehaps, or, (even better) a piggy bank! you know not everyone has an awesome piggy bank!
miniclipper7 years ago
full size scate board you can ride
lewis grant7 years ago
a pool table :]
KnexFreek7 years ago
 I WIN :

Knex bridge,

or a knex chair, 

or a knex pinball machine, full siize, 

or a knex trebucket, not a catapult, that’s different,

or a knex gumball machine,

or a knex mixer, like for making chocolate milk,

like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTYYLdB99Q but better

maybe something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiCWm17IK6M

or a knex elevator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh9p4kHeEJ8

or some INSANE amusement park rides like these ones on youtube:








Pizzapie5007 years ago
In my opinion you should make a knex cleaner that cleans knex.
Or a knex taker aparter thingy that takes apart knex stuff.
Or a car that transforms into a helicopter (transformer perhaps?).
KnexFreek7 years ago
 i win:


its a pdf file so give it a full min to load

A knex mail delivering system/telephone
bounty10128 years ago
nd dont forget the hat
a yellow rod
bounty10128 years ago
aww, you should totally build a Michael Jackson memorial sculpture :'(
rybubbles8 years ago
how about some roller coasters they are fun i have 3 built right now
Bartboy8 years ago
@ I_A_C (Because you can't reply a best answer) I built rollerblades! Like 6 months ago! But they took 24 wheels, each,
smattman228 years ago
a game or something
Make a usable pair of rollerblades. Build a big rachet system. Construct a dog that's eyes move. First three things that came into my head :-p
Skreetsha8 years ago
Walking robot, K'nex car, engine model, airplane, etc. :P