What should i use to poison my blowdarts? I do What should I poison my blowdarts with?

II don't want anything too challenging or that could be lethal to me. It would be for small game, preferably containing about four ingred 

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Please leave the poor toads alone. They have enough trouble surviving with habitat loss and water pollution.
I guess it's not easy being green,
or whatever color toads are.   Out of respect for our friends in class Ampibia,
I have decided to delete my original reply.

The toads thank you for your kindness. They have disappeared entirely from most of western Washington, but will soon be eating moths under my porch lights and serenading lady toads here in north Texas.
rickharris5 years ago
Long Sigh (again) Please be realistic.
One for the Darwin Awards group ?
Yes, but aren't you supposed to be creative for those? Maybe if he figured some way to have it bounce over 5+ objects and redirect back at himself... ;)
Or just hiccuped, sucking instead of blowing?
Well that would be considered a mistake, not a creative way to remove yourself from the gene pool. ;)
I don't think creativity has a lot to do with Darwin Awardness.. Unique, but just really stupid will do it too.

That is why when an amateur shoots a dart straight up, and the advanced hunters run away, the Darwin Award candidate looks up to try and figure out why everybody left.
True... I think it is unique now that you mention it, but hiccups would still be considered a mistake... right?
A valid, non-poisonous, point.....

Pardon the pun! :)
bwrussell5 years ago
Nothing, you should poison your darts with nothing and do something that can't end in the injury or death of someone, most likely you.
Vyger5 years ago
Peppermint. That way when you inhale them they will leave your breath fresh and minty.

The professionals use Poison dart frog extract.
What is really funny is when some amateur blows a dart straight up and all the experienced hunters run while the guy stands there trying to figure out why they all scattered.