What should l make out of k'nex? l am running out of ideas so l need your help!

I don't know wat to make out of k'nex cos l've made literlly everything!!! Pls help!!!

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Dumchicken6 years ago
oooooooooooooooorrr you could make a sword(i am a swordsman)
zach2420046 years ago
a knex rocket launcher
Sorunome7 years ago
Make a ball machine! They are always good.
you could make something useful like your desk tidy or file holder :P
hmm maybe something for psp or something to tidy things on your desk like a pot to keep stationary in
BalintRules (author)  DELETED_handy-sue7 years ago
more specificly?
~Aeronous~7 years ago
You have not made 'literlly' everything, its 'literally', and you have not even made literally everything. Make a good gun, for one.
BalintRules (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
That doesn't mean that i didn't make them cos i did except i didn't post them cos they were rubbish
plasmaspy7 years ago
a knex scale model 3 headed chicken
A bin to store knex bits in.
Been done before though.
onrust7 years ago
If you set your expectations a litter lower, you will not be as dissapointed.
priceis7 years ago
make something thats turns on and off a light switch from far away like in you bed and u dont want to get up..just hit the switch and they go off.....hope i helped