What software was used?

Does anyone recognise what software was used to create this diagram?


Picture of What software was used?
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gmxx8 years ago

It makes diagrams like the one pictured. it was specially designed to be simple and have built in components for arduino and simillar.

smkoberg8 years ago
That looks Photoshopped. Yeah, the reflections are all wrong. Definitely Photoshopped.

But on the real, it was most likely done with illustrator or similar vector/design program. If you're looking at doing some vector work (for free) check out http://www.inkscape.org
=SMART=8 years ago
No idea, looks cool though
Re-design8 years ago
Visio would do it but it's kinda expensive. There are several pcb design softwares that would do this. Atleast the board portion. I'm not at home where I have a copy of two of them and can't give you the names right now.
randofo8 years ago
I would guess illustrator or something similar. It looks like it was made in a design program.