Oily feeling, water repellent plastic?

What sort of plastic is it which has a permanently oily feel and water will bead on its surface?  We have some in the form of a butter melter which sits on top of a popcorn maker (hence temperature stable) and an ice-cream scoop. 
Also, polymorph plastic will adhere inseparably to it, as I found our when I tried to use the ice-cream scoop as a mould - whoops!
No real reason for asking - just one of those things I know that I don't know. (Thank you Donald.)

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AndyGadget (author) 7 years ago
Googling around a bit, UHMW sounds like the closest match, but looking at some of the products made from it I think I've got a UHMW faced hammer, and it's not the stuff. Slippy, but not the same greasy feel.
I think it's one of the polyalkenes (aka polyolefin) which is described as having a waxy or oily feel. 
orksecurity7 years ago
Hard to tell without seeing the stuff, but my initial guess would have been HDPE -- High Density Polyethelyne -- or UHMW polyethelyne. The low-friction characteristics of this plastic can give it a greasy feel.
That would be my guess.  Some plastic ice cream containers are made of HDPE, and it has that same oily feel.
lemonie7 years ago
Fluorocarbons like Teflon, have a high water-repellance, the water beading in particular is a characteristic of fluorocarbons.

.  That would be my first guess.
Nylon, like Kiteman says, or, if it wasn't for the comments about butter melting and heat,  UHMW Polyethylene.
Kiteman7 years ago
If the polymorph hadn't stuck, I would have said Teflon.

Could be nylon?