What sort of temperatures can a fog machine reach?

I'm looking to create a full-body fog/smoke cloak, but need to know the kind of temperatures I'd need, since I don't really want to actually smoke myself!

If traditional fog machines run too hot, can anyone suggest anything cooler? (and I'm NOT going the Dry Ice route!)

orksecurity7 years ago
An ultrasonic fogger doesn't heat the water... but you're going to wind up soaked as the mist condenses back out.
frollard7 years ago
My fog machines you can put your hand directly in the fog stream within 6 inches of the nozzle. It's not advisable, but doable -- if you pipe the fog from the nozzle with flexible tubing to where you want it, you can have cool fog wherever you want i -- THAT SAID - the internals of the machine run at hundreds of degrees F (over boiling temperature).

If you want mist that 'drops' when it exits the tube, you have to actively chill it below ambient temperature with ice or a refrigerator unit.

To carry it on your person you need a hefty power source to a) heat the fog machine and b)subsequently chill the fog...

Reccommend: Get a stationary fog machine -- build a fog chiller (search it) -- and PIPE the fog to your costume while in range of the machine.
lemonie7 years ago

You'd need more power than I think practical.

Alot of fog machines taday have a fog chiller built right in, so you won't have to worry about burning yourself.