What stylus do I use for a SC12M turntable cartridge?

I have this old Lloyds turntable from probably around the early 80's, late 70's. It's missing the needle, but on the side of the cartridge there is a serial number that says "SC12M". Could someone please help me out?

Picture of What stylus do I use for a SC12M turntable cartridge?
BT.20? thats what I have seen used and it works.
iceng6 years ago
It's not big enough to be an old style magnetic cartridge.
It almost looks like it could be a flip (180 º rotate) dual needle unit.
Does the white speck on the right side allow rotation ?
Did you see this link ?


According to your link, the closest is the #40-140. Great find.

Go to MCMelectronics.com an look at these styli. According to the model number you gave, it willl be either the one labeled part # 40-120 (my bet) or the one labeled part # 40-140. To see which one it is, look at your cartridge and see if there is a a pivot shoulder that looks fairly wide compared to the "needle" seat, part way from the back of the stylus area. If so, use the 40-140, if not, use the 40-120. OF course, they are cheap enough that you could buy 1 of each and be sure to get the right one.