What to do with 3000+ LEDs...

An engineer buddy gave me over 3000 red, yellow and green LEDs.  (His company threw them out!) I'm looking for really fun ideas to put them to good... or bad use!  As for tech skills, i would say i am a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Thanx! 

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willywoozle6 years ago
You could make a lot of throwies but make them like Shurikan so you could be throwing glowing Ninja stars that stick to walls. You would need to make this a group project or only do it for a film that require Ninja props.

FSM that would take a lot of batteries, magnets and tape...
You wouldn't do them all in one go- you'd only make a few at once.
Make a 143 (or larger if you have enough) LED cube (2744 LEDs) or make 5 83 LED cubes (2560 LEDs) or make 46 43 LED cubes (2944 LEDs)
zaphodd42 (author)  The Ideanator6 years ago
my patience got thin just READING this idea!! : )
LED cube throwies!
ARJOON6 years ago
burn 10 of them in one go to make a stink bomb
zaphodd42 (author)  ARJOON6 years ago
i've burned LEDs, could you imagine 3000 going up in high voltage? that would be EPIC!!!
Kiteman6 years ago
An enormous LOLshield!

zaphodd42 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
a what??? explain! please.
A big grid of Lots Of LEDs ("LOL") connected to an arduino or similar, and used to display a scrolling message, or a simple game.

zaphodd42 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
oh... cool! like a matrix, screen... thing. or a really really low resolution LED tv. i'd love to play pong on that! maybe even make it a table top and eat dinner on it. a really geeky date night!!
a big panel written LOL in leds
Vyger6 years ago
Well the next question asked after yours is somebody who is having trouble with burning out LED's . You could send a few that direction.

I am always amazed at what companies throw out. They could make a lot of adventuresome kids happy with their trash. But then I suppose they are worried about liability. Can't even give junk away without being sued.

The winning entry to the epilog challenge is a led cube.
It would be a challenge to make but it would be fun.

zaphodd42 (author)  Vyger6 years ago
thats EXACTLY what happened! its a shame. i know... theres nothing stoping ME from donating... but... i AM one of those adventuresome kids (of 33 years).

again.. the cube.. love it!
Vyger zaphodd426 years ago
A company I worked for years ago hired a new maintenance man.
A long story shortened, he just finished up at another job for a large printing company. Originally he was the head maintenance engineer for keeping the presses running, even installing a new one. Then the owning company (this was a subsidiary) decided that printing wasn't profitable enough and shut it down. It then became his job to cut up and scrap all the presses. They decided they would make more money scraping it and declaring it a loss than if they sold the working presses to another company.
artworker6 years ago
Electronics use: Make a led cube. A very big one.

Non electronic use: Make an array of the leds and make a acupressure bed.

You can also make an LED live table.
zaphodd42 (author)  artworker6 years ago
i LOVE the cube idea!!! i saw one here a few months ago and fell head over heels with that idea!!! i'm on the brink of teaching myself Arduino and other micro-proccessor languages... so maybe ill save them for that!
frollard6 years ago
What kind of leds are they? high brightness? indicator? Determines if you want to make a bright flashlight application, or some sort of matrix display, etc.
zaphodd42 (author)  frollard6 years ago
just 5mm, very generic! all colored,.
astroboy9076 years ago
All your LEDs are belong to us.
zaphodd42 (author)  astroboy9076 years ago
i disagree.
rickharris6 years ago
Ebay Sell!
zaphodd42 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i would... but i have an opertunity here i think.
Certainly if you can't figure out what to do with them, turning them into money and letting someone who does have an idea run with them would be one solution.
Forget the tech skills. If you're going to use 3000 LEDs, I have to ask, how patient are you at wiring ?
zaphodd42 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i'll deal with it if the project is cool enough!
"Your sign says you're open 24 hours!"
"Yeah, but not in a row."

They don't all have to be used on a single project, y'know. And perhaps that's the right answer -- stop thinking in terms of the whole box, and just look for LED projects that interest you and use them a few at a time.
He he he