What to do with 400 Tennis Balls?

I have way to many tennis balls + i want to make something project related.

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Instructables keeps cropping the picture so here is a link.


Big Projects (author)  FriendOfHumanity2 years ago

i like that idea


And, The picture wasn't cropped

You know if you click on the cropped pic it will expose itself in full glory !!!

Ah !

Make a tennis ball machine gun....
Glue them together for a boat...
Write your address on them and let them flot into the ocean, check how many get a reply...
Make a generous donation to the local junior tennis club....
Check some of the Ibles on the right for ideas...

Big Projects (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago
I really like the ocean one and the boat one.

Don't do the ocean one. It sounds cool but you will just be polluting and endangering wildlife. It is illiegal dumping and you will be arrested if caught.

If they are new or only lightly used donate them to a local school with a tennis team or tennis club. Probably even better, if you can find a non-profit that runs tennis camps for the under-privileged I bet they would be more than happy to put them to good use.

After checking the lifetime of permanent markers it might be better to use a branding on the balls instead - or to go after the writing to burn it in.

Big Projects (author) 2 years ago

this is not a joke