What to do with Gorilla Tape?

i just used some to help me seel my outrigger sailing canoe and now i have plenty left...what do i do with it?

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Vyger6 years ago
You could use it to help the other guy remove a ticks head.
It also works really good for removing hair. A note about that, don't get it stuck to a dog or a cat.

The best thing to do with it is to put it in a drawer and keep it there for the next time it can be useful. Tape has a long shelf life. Save it for another project.
rickharris6 years ago
Save it you may need it again.
orksecurity6 years ago
Repair a gorilla?

I tend to agree with "It's useful stuff. Put it on the shelf with other glues and fasteners and use it when you need it, rather than trying to just use it up."

Unless you work for the manufacturer and are looking for new applications. If that's the case, I'd suggest sponsoring a contest.
iceng6 years ago
The MythBusters hung a car with the tape, so can you.

AndyGadget6 years ago
You could use it to make the MIL-SPEC version of any of the innumerable duct tape Instructables.