What to do with a giant teddy bear??

Today at a thrift store I scored a giant 3 foot teddy bear for 4 bucks. I want to do something fun with it, my first idea is to take out the stuffing, extend the legs, and make it into a costume, since bear suits run really expensive. Any other ideas or further thought?

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iPodGuy6 years ago
I like your idea.
Twinmum6 years ago
Well you could learn to foot juggle then use it as a juggling prop!
I have a photo of my daughter doing just that with a giant stuffed polar bear.
Twinmum Twinmum6 years ago
Can you foot juggle?
Kiteman6 years ago
Build a gallows on wheels. Hang the bear.

Use it as the test pilot for a jet back-pack powered by fireworks.

Remove the eyes, hollow out the spaces behind them, and pack with raw mince. Cut a slit up its belly, and pack in some raw sausages and ketchup, hanging out slightly. Leave the bear lying where small trick-or-treaters can watch crows pecking at its eyes and entrails...

There is an ancient prophesy I have read which speaks of a day, the day when the teddy bears have their picnic.

I vote for man-sized teddy bear suit.  I say, if the adorable giant teddy bear head fits, wear it!
iceng6 years ago
Do you have a girl friend ?
Girls really like stuffed bears.

sshuggi6 years ago
Make a Not-So-Teddy Bear costume for Halloween. Give him angry eyes, fangs, claws, bit of blood and flesh. Only problem, it'll probably be loose. Sew an inner lining out of an old t-shirt and pants. That way, you can still have the stuffed animal look.