What to do with all these extra lenses?

I bought a pack of lenses online from
for an instructable.... but all i needed was the 8mm one.... so now I have all these mini lenses and I want to do something with them!
I was thinking maybe a mini solar deathray or something? any ideas?

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Prfesser7 years ago
A pocket telescope and microscope. I had one as a kid, about the size of a fat pen, maybe 8-10 mm aperture.  Pocket clip so it looked like a pen.  The objective for the telescope was a fairly short f.l. lens; the microscope (30x?? or 50x, I forget) was the 'eyepiece' of the telescope (about 10x). The 'eyepiece' was removed from the barrel to use as a microscope

Design the microscope first, then figure out which lens to use for the objective of the telescope.

Good luck!
blkhawk7 years ago
What about a periscope? You can watch your neighbors behind a fence!
WIth a LENS ?
Actually, yes. You can get a better view through a periscope if you've got some optics on both ends.
Yes, but not these ones. I am familiar with relay lens systems.
Ah. You did this properly and actually looked at the mix rather than shooting from the hip like the rest of us...
davej6694 (author) 7 years ago
um so? a telescope?
They are all very small aperture, very short focal lengths, nice for webcams, or mobile phone cams possibly, but not a lot of use for a telescope.
orksecurity7 years ago
Depending on what lenses you have to work with: Telescope. Microscope. Projector. Camera lens. ...