What to do with an old pc case?

Have an old pc case sitting around that i dont use!! Nd i want to get started in case modding but with a twist this one is modded into soethin else not a a pc but sumthing cool and weired!! So far i have coffe machine mini greenhouse and fish tank!!

any ideas you guys mught have?

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An idea I've been wanting to do is to cram a bunch of game consoles and a PC into an old case to make an ultimate gaming machine.

I've already made something similar if you need to see what I mean.  Except I used an old monitor shell, but the same concept could apply.

ziptang7 years ago
If the power supply works, mount a car stereo in it with 2 speakers, powered from the pc power supply, or put a powered PC speaker system in it with a mp3 player, like a minni Juke box...
Doom20997 years ago
I made an Computer Case Shelf for the Dead Computer Contest.

allenmt7 years ago
geocrasher7 years ago
 A couple of years ago I built a welder with two re-wound transformers from two microwaves. I mounted the transformers on a wood block and then screwed that wood block into the bottom of a PC case, and then zip tied the fan from one of the microwaves into the case, and put a light switch in as a power switch. Works great, and its only a bit heaver than the old PC! 
Fizzxwizz7 years ago
I have a feeling that people wont be too quick to share their ideas with the contest coming up.
I wouldn't mind since mine won't use a case....
Doctor What7 years ago
 Whatever it is, be sure to document it and enter it into the upcoming 62 projects to do with a dead computer contest!
I suspect that's exactly why they asked!

Lesedi (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
haha! dont tink im gna enter into the contest !! still working on my first 'ible on a South African traditional drink!!
Why not? If it's done in time I say go for it!
Oh Yes - get that B&Coke 'ible moving China :)
Wow, thanks for the best answer!  I hope this project works for you.  Just be sure and document your progress to make a nice instructible, ok?

By the way, unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn't try to put a TV into the thing.  That caused me so much trouble with my project.

Good luck!
Re-design7 years ago
Use it as a foot stool.