What to do with blown speaker/sub baskets?

I picked up some cheap PA cabs all with blown no name speakers, well i have since replaced them and I was wondering what to do with all these baskets?! 

i think i may make 2 or 3 lights like this  https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-Wire-subwoofer-lamp/
but what else should I do?

BrianJewett6 years ago
Those cones would make a great start for a basket. Then if you wired it up as a lamp, you could mount it on any steel surface with the speaker magnets. Viola! Very cool work light.
Irwind Kee6 years ago
make a car steering wheel for autoshow,
orksecurity7 years ago
Are the coils blown, or the cones? If the coils still work, you may be able to press them into service as poor man's galvanometers for light show purposes.