What to do with large tea chests?

I have got several large tea chests which were given by a neighbour to me I would like to get some ideas what I could transform them into, any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

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Z..8 years ago
When my mother was really struggling many years ago, she used to drape tea chests with material, and use them as furniture.

You could stack them side by side, then others on top of that, with the top (now front) open, and use them for storing books/ clothes etc.,.

Lucky you! As Kiteman said these things have a market for moving house. They are very handy.
Z..8 years ago

I hope you put the chests to good use.

Merry Christmas!!
Re-design8 years ago
End table, coffee table, nightstand, toy box, stool.
Re-design8 years ago
Put your medium tea chests in them.
 How about a tea chest double bass guitar ?

Kiteman8 years ago
Where are you?  Tea chests are worth enough to sell in the UK, but not worth enough to sell by mail from the US.
NachoMahma8 years ago
Hope chest? With a little work, you could turn it into a cedar (-lined) chest.
If they are those big, rough chests, it is hard to envision them as using them anything other than for storage.  But if they are reasonably presentable, they could be varnished or painted and used as informal room furnishings.  

Is their size right to use as a coffee table base?  Are they strong enough to use as chairs?  Could they be stacked and used as a bookcase or display shelves?  TV table?   

Some of them have interesting markings.  Perhaps an interesting panel could be removed, framed, and hung on the wall.

Hope you get some better ideas.