What to do with nearly 200 bottles of beer?

Ok,so I have been buying this really cheap, and surprisingly good beer at Lidl called Finkbrau.
The thing is it comes in a cardboard box, that contains 24 of these 0.25l bottles.


And I have at least 150 if not 200 of them sitting around. The store doesn't accept returns on the bottle, and I'm a bit reluctant to throw them away.Not to mention the fact that because of their unique size, the automated recycling centers like the one in the photo below won't accept them.


(The IKEA logo is because you could get free coffee and hot dogs there for every 10 bottles/cans you recycled)

I was thinking of making a beer table, but the problem is that they are really short, and I would have to stack a lot of them up to get a good height.
If I do go that way, I'm thinking of adding flourescent water and UV LED's to make it stand out.

But what other use can you find for these little bottles?

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kelseymh6 years ago
Take one down, pass it around ....
I was wondering how long that would take...
If you put these bottles in a paddling pool, they make a remarkable sound, much like a wind chime only about 10x better to the ears. Much like a Finkbrau is a orgasm to the mouth the sound is like an orgasm for the ears. they also enjoy it themselves i am told
ilpug6 years ago
Go buy 200+ LEDs, batteries, and other stuff. Make all the bottles into cool little lamps and sell them for enough to recoup your losses. Does your area pay you to recycle? Break them all against a wall? get a bottle cutter and make cups, then sell them? put them all on a rack and fill each one with varied amounts of water. then tap them with a drumstick and play them as a percussion chime.
lemonie6 years ago
Your question is incorrectly worded, it should be "What to do with nearly 200 empty beer-bottles?
You might use cement and build a wall but I'll guess that you're a student in rented-accommodation?

Yeah. I was about to send my postal address!
hunk (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Well, I assumed that the empty part was implied. Otherwise the answer would be "throw a party" :)

As for my situation, no I actually have my own place and can do whatever I want with it.
But I don't really need a wall.A cement wall that is.
I could see stacking up all the bottles against my wall, like the photo below, but those are cans and are easier to stack and don't leave gaps between them.
I saw on another site someone who made vases out of them, but I don't really have a use for them.
Kiteman6 years ago
Not just a beer wall, keep collecting and build a beer greenhouse.

I like the table-leg idea. To get over the short height, put two bottles neck-to-neck with a dowel connecting them, and then put two of these pairs on top of each other with a big blob of two-part epoxy (see sketch I made below). That should give you enough height for a coffee-table.

Use single bottles as the legs of a small table to go beside your chair in the garden.
beer-leg table.jpg
Have you seen the Beer-bottle Temple?

(referenced from There I Fixed It)
Now about that earthquake....
Goodness me - I think my dad's going out that way at the end of this year, I'll have to mention it to him.
hunk (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everyone for the replies.

I'm not really into brewing my own beer, so I can't really reuse the bottles that way.
As for the beer wall I have to say it looks awesome,but what's the practical use for it?I mean can you use the bottles for storing small objects?
Not to mention that I will need way more than 200 bottles.
Re-design6 years ago
Use the empties to hold your own home brewed beer.
onrust6 years ago
yes, a beer wall
Make a beer wall?