What to do with pocket calculator insides?

What should I do with my calculator insides? The calculator wwas shaped like a ruler and it has an LCD screen, a circuitborad, a battery, some wires and a solar cell, but I have no idea what to do with it.

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janw7 years ago
You can make a solar nametag with some parts of it. Google for BEAM NAMETAG.
NachoMahma janw7 years ago
Scrap the back of the display and you get a polarizer.
lemonie7 years ago

It's not much good for anything else but a calculator.

. There's the solar cell and battery. :)

I've had one of those for 20+ years, but only used it as a calculator. So let's see if anything good is suggested.

useful for powering...another calculator!
kelseymh7 years ago
The solar cell was used to keep the battery charged (so the calculator would work indoors or out). It probably didn't produce more than a few tens of mA at a couple of volts, but you could still use it for a small project (like a solar joule thief).

The LCD could be used as a display in a project, if you know the pinout. That would require some Web research based on any component numbers or labelling you find on it.