What to do with these old, non-working hard drives?

 I have about three old hard drives of 20 GB and 3 GB which failed and stopped working a few years ago and wouldn't spin or one of them makes too much noise and hangs the computer.

I was thinking to throw them out now since its been many years, but wondered if anyone could tell me some good and cheap use I can put them to.my friend took the first one, a 1 GB seagate, opened the cover, and kept it in his showcase. It looks good. But I want to do something useful.?

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Foxtrot708 years ago
If you have a camera of any type and you are tired of using a tripod for stability there is an Instructable for building a hand held GYRO for the camera, camcorder it is

Universal, 2 Gyro Image stabilizer

All you need are 2 hard drives where the flywheel spins when power is applied, no data is required.

jeff-o8 years ago
The voice coil can also be made to "sing" if properly controlled.

But by all means, open up those hard drives and poke around a bit! 
Kiteman8 years ago
Some of the parts could become a small-scale wind-power device.
lemonie8 years ago
People usually extract the magnets from 'em - strong. The platters are nice and pretty / shiny.

rseni (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Yes platters are shiny. Which ones are the magnets? And what voltage are the motors? 12V or 5V?

I also have a non-working portable Nishica DVD player. I'd like to know what things I can make with its lens and the motors. Its a 12VDC device.
lemonie rseni8 years ago
The motors will be 12V but you need the controllers to go with them, and you said they "won't spin". The magnets are part of the head-control mechanism - should be easy to locate around where the head-arm pivots. Platters just look pretty, or can be used as mirrors.
The DVD -player might be useful, look for "DVD laser" instructables

Willard2.08 years ago
Tesla Turbine:  Simple VersionAdvanced Version
 Well, they have nice parts, a motor, etc which you might be able to scavenge.