What to make of a wood plank?

I have a piece of plywood - 17.5"x7" (thickness- 0.5"). Any suggestions on what I can make out of it?

I'm leaning towards using spray paint (black matte) and decoupage, since I have no access to power tools of any sort to work the wood.

Any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Tons of doorstops.

venom15396 years ago
Try to carve something out of it.
Mojo_JoJo7 years ago
You could make a pirate ship around it then walk on the plank....
try wood burning, maybe a name plate for your home,
A shelf
backing for some wall art like a photograph/painting/collage
Cover for a really thick book of magic spells like in harry potter?
Kiteman7 years ago
Carve a picture into the surface - a small push-chisel should be enough to do that.
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
It's too short to make a film about...

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
Slowpoke7 years ago
Paint a picture on it. After all, the Mona Lisa is painted onto a few lumps of wood. Perhaps you can become the new Da'Vinci. But he died before becoming really famous. Such is life.
Re-design7 years ago
Make nothing out of it.  A proper wood plank is a thing of beauty in and of itself.  Especially the .5" planks.  Enjoy what you have.

Hey, if it's cedar you could use it to smoke fish in a BBQ.

Mmmm.... plywood-planked salmon.... It's formaldelicious!

It has a zesty flavr.
And if you eat enough of it, you don't decompose after you die.