What to use for a katana blade???

I am planning on making a katana. However, I have no idea what variety of carbon steel to get or where to order it from. HELP!!!

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markknife17 years ago
try going to a junkyard. leaf springs from cars are a good base for a katana because of its strength and flexibility.
Spriggs6 years ago
Most modern katanas are high carbon steel so something easy and still fair would be 1045 or 1055 or even 1060 possibly 1095 if your good at metal forging
Re-design7 years ago
Three words.




General Eggs (author)  Re-design7 years ago
If I used that, it wouldn't be long enough and I'm trying to go for a more professional finish to it.
If you go to a lawnmower repair shop you can find one with enough flat to make a pretty large knife.

And the professional finish you are looking for comes from your finger tips by applying lots of elbow grease.
If you have the tools and ability to make scrap metal into a suitable size/length for a katana, then I also have three words regarding the humble mower blade.