What to use for a work table?

Hi, I enrolled! I ordered everything you put in the supply list for this lesson but there areally few things you used that weren't mentioned in the intial list. I am on a budget and trying not to go down the rabbit hole of buying everything, so I was wondering what would be a good work sur face? Is there a decent affordale solution? I have 0 shop experience and will be doing this out of my garage if that helps. Thanks you in advanced for your time!

mikeasaurus8 months ago

I wanted this class to be as approachable as possible, so designed the list to be minimal in terms of expense and amount of tools needed. I left off a work surface since almost any flat area can be used. For my shop, I use a very inexpensive workbench from a Big Box Store. These cheap tables are great since you can modify them to meet your needs, and they can take all kinds of abuse.