What tools do I need to change a tire on a ten speed bicycle ?

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seandogue6 months ago

An appropriately sized wrench to remove the tire and rim, (probably 1/2", 13mm, 14mm, or 9/16") and then the tool iceng outlines. Those come in tire repair kits you can pick up for a few bucks at a bike store or a bit less at Walmart and the like. Obviously you'll also need a pump or air compressor.

Yonatan246 months ago

Google it!

rickharris6 months ago

Technically - an adjustable spanner, 2 forks or spoons and a pump.

iceng6 months ago

I used these to change my tires in the past. There are fat plastic versions I don't like.

You use these as pry-bars anchoring them to a spoke, then using the second one and then the third releases the second which becomes the third etc until the tire is off the rim..

bike tire tools.jpeg
iceng iceng6 months ago

Oh yea,

Click the pic to view the whole image..

bwrussell6 months ago

There is a little plastic flat blade tire changing tool that you can use to get the tire on and off easier. Any bike shop and probably most places you can buy a tire will probably have one, if there isn't one included with the new tire.

Mostly you just don't want to pinch the tube with the tire wall.