What transistors have a very low switching current?

I need a transistor that "switches" when I apply around 0.5 volts/1-10 milliamps to its base? 2N3904 transistors require too high of a switching current(is that what it's called?). Does anyone have suggestions?

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WWC5 years ago
Here is a great reference.

seraine (author)  WWC5 years ago
Where does it tell me how many amps/volts it needs to switch?
WWC seraine5 years ago
Every transistor i have ever researched has a data sheet, so if you look at the data sheet for the ON CHARACTERISTICS it tells you the specs.
BE ON.png
seraine (author)  WWC5 years ago
I meant what characteristic describes the switching current(vbe, vceo, etc), not where to find it. Sorry for my bad wording.
Mosfets need no base current