What two primary colors of light can be combined to make yellow ?


maddogfenby4 years ago
When dealing with physical colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue are primary colors

When dealing with ink: Cyan (Blue-ish), Magenta (Red-ish), Yellow, and Black are primary colors

When dealing with phosphors of light: Red, Green, and Blue are primary colors

Ergo, a set amount of red and green will make yellow.

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In theory, red and green light make yellow. In practice, it's really difficult to mix red and green to get a decent yellow, so I usually end up supplementing the mix with a yellow or amber source, or just using a yellow filter instead. This is from the standpoint of theatrical lighting design, YMMV.
kelseymh4 years ago
If you know the three primary additive colors, then you should already know this, or know where to look it up.  The Wikipedia article has the diagram you need right at the very top.
kcls4 years ago
Ummm... yellow is a primary color. No two colors combined can make yellow.
kelseymh kcls4 years ago
Wrong answer.  Look up "additive color" and "subtractive color."  Pigments are subtractive, light is additive.  Haven't you ever played with color filters and seen the cool shadows?
Re-design4 years ago
Yellow and clear.
Seanex (author)  Re-design4 years ago
primary colors of light which are red blue and green
orksecurity4 years ago
Websearch "additive color".