What type of generator is needed to build a wind turbine which satisfy electricity demand of 700 kw per month

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frollard7 years ago
First you need to wrap your head around the units. A watt is a flowrate, not a total amount. A watt for a period of time (such as watt-hour) is a total amount.

700kWh is 1kw for 700 hours, or 700 kw for 1 hour (or any other distrobution, 1 watt for 700,000 hours).

If you need 700kWh in a month, and there are an average of 30.4 days in a month, you need to generate 700kWh/30.42 == 23kWh per day.  Assuming (unrealistically) that you could generate 24hrs/day you'd need to generate ~ 1kwh / h, or 1000 watts, all the time.  You use a lot of electricity :)
thats not alot my house uses 46.58kwh per day.
You must be using electric heating to pull 2000 kW constant draw, or a grow op :P

It's totally doable, divide the kwh needed by the number of generating hours, and you've got yourself a number of watts you need to make during those generating hours.
nope gas heating gas hot water and gas stove.
cluster of servers?
lemonie7 years ago

That's ~1 Kw, so I can give you this as an example: