What type of lighting would you suggest for a trailer?

My father recently bought an enclosed trailer to haul his tools in.  With daylight being so scarce in the Fall I thought it would be nice if it had a light source (or multiple) to illuminate it so he doesn't have to bring a flashlight with him to see inside.  I'd need it to be something that runs on 12 volts or less which I can take from the trailer hookup.  I was thinking maybe some led strips like the ones all over eBay but I thought I'd check here and see if anyone had any suggestions. 

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frollard5 years ago
Inexpensive 12V led solutions would be my first suggestion. If you're not looking to build it from scratch (you aren't, trust me) -- a 5 meter strip of warm white leds would be quite ideal. You can get them with waterproofing epoxy over the lot, and they're often self-adhering with built in 2 sided tape. They can be cut to length and spliced, usually every 10cm, just add power and ground (+ and -).
double_g (author) 5 years ago
Thank you all for your replies! I'm going to go with the LEDs for this one cost effective and simple which is perfect for a project I don't want to spend to much on.
iceng5 years ago
tylervitale and frollard have it right
Go ahead to eBay

Czech point..
tylervitale5 years ago
Definitely 12 volt LEDs. A while ago, I got a 12 volt LED floodlight from my aunt. It was so seemingly small and cute...but when you powered it up, it was almost like looking into the sun! The amount of light they put out combined with their low power consumption would make them perfect for trailers.
You can also get small fluorescent tube lights that will run off 12V. I don't know how they compare to LED strips in terms of brightness or cost, but a single unit with 2x12" tubes should be sufficient for a small trailer.