What type of plant is this? (See picture)?

I found this small plant in an old garden. What is it?

Picture of What type of plant is this? (See picture)?
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NachoMahma8 years ago
. Looks like a pine seedling to me. As L points out, the pine needles laying around are a big clue.
Maybe a maple tree sprout by the reddish stem. Polynoses, those pods you stick on your nose are also scattered about. Lots of interesting bugs in the picture up close.
Er, wouldn't the very first set of leaves on a maple seedling be cotyledons? I kinda think only conifers/gymnosperms would have needles for their first sets of leaves...
My thought, but I've not seen anything like this myself. L
lemonie8 years ago
It's probably a smaller version of something nearby, what are these - could they be from the same (big bigger) plant? L
From the second pic above, you mean money grows on trees?
Bardouv8 years ago
My guess would be rosemary.