What type of sled am I thinking of?

Basically, I need plans for a sled that will be pulled by humans and should be about 2 feet wide, 8 feet long has triangle walls on the sides and then a rectangle in the front. It has skis on the bottom of it. If you just tell me the type of sled I am thinking of, that would help a lot. Have a site with plans for the sled I am thinking of? That would be even better.


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iceng6 years ago
You are probably whispering Rosebud ! 
But then look  under sled on Google. 
Which do you like ?? . . . . . . . A
jacobdlyon (author)  iceng6 years ago
I thought I looked under sled on google already, but I guess not. It was the 5th image. It is called a klondike sled.
We used to have a Klondike Derby in the Boy Scouts every winter.  We built sleds like the ones at this site:

Kiteman6 years ago
You may be thinking of a qamutiq, which is a kind of dog sled.

Burf6 years ago
Are you thinking of a toboggan?