What type of wire should you use for a simple LED project?

I was just wondering what the best type would be to use

Pkranger888 years ago
I usually use 18 ga. I have a lot of it. You're pulling so few amps that you don't need anything special. If you can get your hands on Mil-spec wire used in aircraft, that would be great because of the low impedance.
Grzld8 years ago
any scrap wire will do, i use old wire from cat 5 cables i think thats the name of them
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
the same size as the LED legs works for me. the wire from old wall wart transformers seems to work fine. i once seperated a single strand of wire from a wall wart to put LED's in a hotwheels car and coated them with 2 ton epoxy for insulation. they were virtually invisible.