What version of linux for a computer with 8mb of ram?

I have a old AST laptop with 8 mb of ram and would like to install linux on it for a digital photo frame. Any help is greatly appreciated. It currently has Windows dos 3.1.

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dla8888 years ago
DSL uses too much ram. Try one of the floppy distros. You could try TCL (tiny core linux)
frollard8 years ago
dsl 'damn small linux' - there are versions that boot from a single floppy, and have a gui - if a very simple one.
computergeek (author)  frollard8 years ago
DSL didn't work. It comes up with the message:

No coprocessor found and no math emulation present
Giving up
You might need a custom build for your hardware - laptops can be touchy.
second this notion. DSL also has a very nice GUI, if you have a card that will support it (i.e. on board ram for the vid card) Also it is fully scalable and customizable. The other thing I would mention is Tiny Linux. The guy that has made all the improvements to DSL over the last ten years "made his own company" (read as got fired for new and innovative ideas to make things smaller and faster) and came out with this distrobution of linux.
lemonie8 years ago
What display modes will the video adapter support? L
kelseymh8 years ago
In 1994 I installed Slackware Linux on my 16 MB 80486 (100 MHz!). Frollard has a good solution. You might also look for "embedded Linux" via Google -- designed for installation on FPGAs.
lol - my router has more ram than your laptop :D that said, my router is running out of ram all the time, hence why I balk. I'm not sure how useful a photo frame that low-end a laptop would be, now I think about it :D