What website is the best to sell my 3D print voucher?

I tried to sell my 3D printing voucher on forum here at instructables, but with no effect... I was giving 25$ for free and nobody was interested.  And now im asking ;)  What website is best for selling that kind of stuff?   Since july I have this  voucher,  and i cant sell it :/

Thank you in advance!

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bwrussell3 years ago
Do you mean a free print from Instructables? Those have an expiration and how were you planning on transferring it?
kondzio29 (author)  bwrussell3 years ago
nobody said that it have expiration date, it is 3D printing voucher for shapeways (gift code) that i won in "fix it" contest , when i get it there was no info about it expiration date
Probably doesn't have one then. There was a time when Instructables was giving away prints from their printers. Yours is different.
What exactly does the code get you?
georgehorne3 years ago
There are lots of online portal where you can sale your products. The best option is that search on google with searching term "Online product sale portals" then you will get positive results.
Then us it.

Aside from that go to E-bay or Etsy.