What where the changes made?

Hey what are the new changes made?

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gmjhowe9 years ago
The main change your using... The other one i noticed is that authors get an '(author)' tag on there names when commenting on an ible.
barrax gmjhowe9 years ago
plus the little number by inbox is back
omnibot8 years ago
The main changes made are: .. it's new .. there are colours .. the moon .. universe has been replaced from older backup after universal failure .. I am not here this time .. your mother
ReCreate (author)  omnibot8 years ago
My point exactly.
JM1999 omnibot3 years ago

This comment is bookmarking the first question.

rachel9 years ago
Changes, what changes?
omnibot rachel8 years ago
gmjhowe rachel9 years ago
Wow, late night?? The fact that i can see activity on the various things, at about the time i start work... (uk time)
lebowski9 years ago