What will happen if i use a capacitor that has a farad measurement that is less than what is required ?

The voltage limit is properly matched, only the farad measurement is not the same. IMPORTANT WILL THE CAPACITOR EXPLODE?

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AndyGadget8 years ago
It all depends on where the capacitor is in the circuit and how different the value is. In many applications it will have absolutely no effect at all. In others it may make something run faster, or slower, or not work at all. It is extremely unlikely that it will explode, although in certain applications it may overload other components. To say for sure, you'll have to show me the circuit and what value you're planning to use.
La Tour Rouge (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
Thanks for your reply! :D Im trying to build a transformer/converter kit (1000 watts) Everything was fine starting from the bridge rectifier (DC was produded) But then the schematics include 2 16v 1000mF capacitors and a resistor, all connected in a parallel circuit, but when i tested the circuit from this point no voltage was detected, i don't know why so I thought i have to replace the capacitors or something :(
1000 Watts is an awful lot of juice - If it's a 10V supply you could draw 100 Amps which means pretty chunky wiring etc.
Do you really mean 1000W?
The bridge rectifier reverses the negative half of your transformer output so you get 'lumpy' DC.
The capacitors smooth the lumps out, so off-load the DC voltage will be the peak voltage from the rectifier, and as the load increases the effective output voltage will drop as the capacitors start to discharge between cycles.
The higher the capacitance, the less the drop will be so reducing the capacitors wouldn't make any difference at all off-load, but will lead to a drop in voltage on-load.

You say the resistor is in parallel with the capacitors - what value is it? This is loading the circuit and if it's a high value will be just to discharge things when the supply is switched off. Do you have a link to the circuit, or can you knock up a sketch? If it's a low value (but LARGE resistor), is it connected correctly as it could be meant to be to limit the current a bit - If it's a 100A supply you'd soon know if it wasn't from the smoke and sparks!
Are you really, really sure it's 1 KW?
La Tour Rouge (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
yeah I'll sketch the schematics up soon thank you so much for your help!
La Tour Rouge (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
oh sorry! i meant 1000 milliWatts sorry! haha