What would I search for an adapter for this?

I am trying to make headphones for my xbox etc. and I am wondering what to search the internet for to aquire an adapter for these kind of cables?

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frollard6 years ago
Those cables carry signal level audio and video -- not enough juice to power headphones. You need a stereo headphone amplifier

There are lots of them here on ibles.

thomas9666 (author)  frollard6 years ago
I have an amplifier unit for them... i just need an adapter for them
Then as others say, you need an rca adapter, check your local dollar/pound/cheap stores...I've always had luck there.
bwrussell6 years ago
The plug is Male RCA, or technically male phono.
You only need the red and white. Yellow is composite video, White and Red make up stereo audio with White being the left, and mono, channel and Red being the right channel. Radio Shack or online will have the adapter you need, female stereo phono-to-female stereo 3.5mm jack, or 6.35mm if your headphones have a big plug.
iceng6 years ago
Search for ( RCA receptacle to your ear phone )
But I really doubt there is one for your three eared purple eater.