What would be the best type of cheese for just eating plain, or maybe with crackers?

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lemonie7 years ago
I, like Kiteman like the tangy-white English cheeses such as Wenslydale and Lancashire. They have a crumbly texture and lactic acidity, which is great with "sweet" e.g. fruit-cake, or with plain buttered crackers.
In practical terms, your more homogeneous "rubbery" cheese like cheddar may be better as it holds form and can be less challenging to the palate.
Cheese like Edam or BabyBel, is rather salty, so while these are geared up to "snacking-cheese" (I've seen the aisle labeled as such in supermarkets) they may be a bit hard to swallow in quantity.
Good fresh mozzarella is great for chewing on if you like the moist mildness and slightly meaty-texture.

But - it's down to what you like in the end.

mbudde lemonie7 years ago
"Yes, sir?"
"Splendid! Well, I'll have some of that then, please."
"Oh, I'm sorry sir. I thought you were referring to me. Mr. Wenslydale."
lol. Sorry, I had to say it.

lemonie mbudde7 years ago
Ah yes, but I'm also reminded of Alexi Sayle on The Young Ones:
Excuse me, is this a cheese shop?
No sir.
Well that's that sketch knackered then.


(yes you have to have seen it)
mbudde lemonie7 years ago
Lol. Sounds like it would be funny. I'll try to find it.
lemonie mbudde7 years ago
It's a joke on the Monty Python cheese-shop sketch, so it looks pretty much the same but (then that happens).
on YouTube


"This is a cheese shop isn't it?"
"Yes sir. Finest in the area."
"And what leads you to that conclusion?"
"Well, it's very clean!"
"It's certainly uncontaminated by cheese, isn't it?"
wenpherd (author)  mbudde7 years ago
Love that one.
Re-design7 years ago
Most all of the are great in their own way, but you just can't beat a can of spray cheese, crackers and a Coke.
wenpherd (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion, but no.
Ah.  It's a true cheese snob that refuses to even try a recommended cheese.  LOL
wenpherd (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Already knows what that tastes like, and i meant more real cheese.
I know Im a  cheese snob, but Spray cheese out of a can might be a good partner for your crackers.

Depends on your taste, you might want something tangy that pops in your mouth like some peperjack  or medium cheddar.
No, surely not . . . . . . Yes, it does REALLY exist.
Surely the squeezings of the Devil's pustules.
I shall have nightmares tonight.

Spray cheese is an American delicacy!
You push a button and then cheese!
ewwww. Thankfully I've never seen that in England.
Sadly I have, Tesco seem to stock it if you ever want to brave it ;)
leeyung7 years ago
smoked Gouda!
Joe Martin7 years ago
Extra mature "proper" English Cheddar, Brie, Stilton and Saint Paulin are just some of my favourites!

All of them.
Ahhh, a fellow cheese lover!

Doom on the cheese blasphemers and philistines who would make only a short list of cheeses to eat on their own or on crackers!
Another good use of cheeses is the brie-lliant amount of puns that can be constructed from them. There are so many it'll drive you crackers. After you've cracked a few dozen you have to think 'caerphilly' for more, but eventually you'll realise there are stil-a-ton more to be said!
AndyGadget7 years ago
I'd very rarely do that, but if forced, I'd go for something nutty like a Jarlsberg or Emmentahl.  Once you add chutney's, relishes or a glass of port, the possibilities expand explosively.
("Bring me chutneys and furious mustards to pierce the tongue like Cardigan's lancers" roared Sir Henry #;¬)
AARGH ! ! ! How how did that greengrocers' apostrophe get in there ? ? ?
Burf7 years ago
A mild cheddar. Enough tang to wake up your taste buds but no so much it makes you shudder.
Kiteman7 years ago

Any other hard white cheese.

(Also really nice in a sandwich made of crusty white bread, with blackcurrant jam....)