What would be the best way to make a model of the earth including all internal layers visable in a disection?

I need to start my son off with a school project - hes 12. Thanks for help in advance.?

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aeray6 years ago
Dryer lint. Really.
kelseymh aeray6 years ago
??? Can you expand on this a bit? Are you suggesting to use dryler lint as a base for papier mache?
aeray kelseymh6 years ago
No. A former family friend once collected dryer lint after sorting her laundry a bit more thoroughly than most of us do. She then sorted the lint bits into groups of similar/same colors, and then rolled them up like a giant multi-layered jawbreaker about 16" in diameter, compacting them well. She then sliced it open, revealing the layered colors of "felt" within. It was quite amazing, and she has produced several more of varying dimensions and colors since.
kelseymh aeray6 years ago
Wow. That's amazing, and very cool, and more than a little bit inflammable!
aeray kelseymh6 years ago
Are you being facetious? Often, I'm not sure...

I didn't actually test it out, but I'm pretty sure that the layers were compacted tightly enough the it wouldn't have burned very well. They look like giant lumps of dense felt, and are quite hefty. Just offhand (or on-hand; I used to portion steaks by eye quite a bit) I'd say that the 16" diameter one weighed 6-7 pounds.

kelseymh aeray6 years ago
I wasn't being facetious about the awesome and very cool part; that's a fascinating project. I've used relatively compacted lint (not felt-like, but more "wadded up") as tinder for a campfile, and it burns quite nicely.
aeray kelseymh6 years ago
Yes, that's why I always store some in my navel, just in case, and so much handier than in an Altoids tin.
kelseymh aeray6 years ago
Well, there's only one thing to say to that...

"Are you being facetious? Often, I'm not sure..."

aeray kelseymh6 years ago
orksecurity6 years ago
Layers of clay, slice in half? At each layer, you can build up things like volcanos penetrating the next layer up... then slice appropriately.
Yep, I was thinking of regular kids modelling clay layered in a hemisphere on a sheet of glass or plexi-glass.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
A Styrofoam ball that's cut in half then paint and label the layers.
Kiteman6 years ago
Have a google - there are several paper models that could be downloaded or used as inspiration.
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
yokozuna6 years ago
Try this, and add adjustments for your specific needs.