What would happen if I used a 5v charger to power a 3v led?

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janw7 years ago
It will light up shortely and then die forever.
caarntedd7 years ago
If you don' tconnect a current limiting resistor in series with the LED, you will get smashed in the face by high pressure water. 
AndyGadget7 years ago
What would happen if you put your face right in front of a fire-hydrant and turned it on to get a drink?  
Attach the same water supply to a drinking fountain and you'd do much better.  The drinking fountain limits the flow of water.

Put a 180R resistor in series with the LED and harmony will be restored.

nickodemus7 years ago
When I had the bright idea to attach a 1.5v to a 9v battery (who knows why...), it lit very brightly for about a second, then it burned out.
lemonie7 years ago
It will "burn" brightly, for a while, then it won't (at all).
Take the advice of Jack':

Without the use of a current limiting resistor, you will bring dishonor upon your family.

The magical blue smoke will escape.

sky07 years ago
It would shatter. In my workshop a 9v battery brushed against a 1.5v led and the thing exploded. Plastic shards everywhere. My recommendation: don't do it.
Without a current limiting resistor the power supply will be damaged by the burning LED/