What would the community like to see out of knex?

Vote on these 5 things and I will do my best to build them for you.
                                     1.knex vacuum (cleans up knex)
                                     2.piece counter (pour in knex and it counts them)
                                     3.piece sorter (pour in knex and it sorts a specific piece out)
                                     4.oodammo (pour in the right components,pull the lever and
                                        out comes oodammo )
                                     5. Or something else_________________ (choose your own)
                                     6. a working musical instrument

EDIT: The piece sorter is posted here! https://www.instructables.com/id/Rod-sorting-machine/

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Sorunome6 years ago
I vote for the piece sorter! :D
Black Panther Knex (author)  Sorunome6 years ago
Ok I will post the piece sorter on march 5
Not the oodamo, that would take the fun out of it...How about piece sorter? that would be awesome, but it would have to be able to sort lots at once not just one at a time.
Black Panther Knex (author) 6 years ago
Posted here! https://www.instructables.com/id/Rod-sorting-machine/
_Adam_6 years ago
Knex Peice sorter
Sorunome6 years ago
cool! and thanks for best awnser!
Black Panther Knex (author)  Sorunome6 years ago
Your welcome!
3 Day's for the piece sorter!!!!
It may be just a bit longer than that.
NatNoBrains6 years ago
Kiteman6 years ago
You'll get more responses if you post this in the Forums.
Black Panther Knex (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks for the tip.
Black Panther Knex (author) 6 years ago
In 10-15 days I will tally up the scores and then attempt to build it
yokozuna6 years ago
I would like to see some sort of musical instrument that actually functions and not just looks like one. Think you can swing that sort of challenge?
Black Panther Knex (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
I will add yours as another option.
Shadowman396 years ago
I vote for the piece counter.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
A living knex man.